You are the Brightest of Stars. Meet our CEO

You are the Brightest of Stars. Meet our CEO

Justine Carter

You are the brightest of stars!

Here at Florida Sprayers, we wanted to introduce you to some of the people who make this company what it is. The ones who go above and beyond, the ones who just shine the brightest.

What better way to kick off this initiative than to start with the one who keeps the wheels rolling.

Justine Carter, Owner

We hope you enjoy this little look into the life of Justine…One of the only female CEO’s in the country that runs a sprayer manufacturer business.

Justine’s dad, Joseph Fowler, started the company in 1985. Then it was called J Fowler Incorporated. He mainly worked with golf courses, repairing and building small spray units. Born and raised in Lutz, Florida Justine started working with her dad in 1987. She handled the office side of the house working hand in hand with her dad for many years. She graduated from Gaither High School and has lived in Lutz most of her life.

In 2001 Justine met Barry and they formed a relationship that led to marriage in 2007. By then Barry had been learning the ins and outs of the spray business. In 2009 they purchased J Fowler Incorporated, and Florida Sprayers was born.  36 years later she is running the business and it is stronger than ever.

Q&A with Justine…

Q: During the last 36 years that you have been in this industry what has been the biggest challenge that you have had to overcome?

A: Having to navigate a business during the pandemic was the toughest. Supply chain issues had us reevaluating the way we ordered products, having to adjust to new products and forecast much further out when it came to maintaining inventory.  

Q: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment, both personal and business?

A: Personal accomplishment would be the birth of our son, Logan. He makes me proud every day and has brought a happiness that is irreplaceable. Professional accomplishment would be the expanding and growth of the business by over 100%. We have been able to raise the bar with truck builds and new customers. Averaging over 100 new trucks a year is surely one of my biggest accomplishments.

In closing some fun things to know about Justine is she has a love of dogs. Especially Labs.

Favorite movie: Twilight                                              Her Happy Place: Nashville

Genre of music: Country                                          Bucket List Item: Visit Europe

All in all Justine Carter is a hardworking CEO of not only her business but her family as well. She has the ability to balance her work life with family life. She has a passion to see her business succeed but also loves to travel and spend time outside of work with her friends and family.  She is a shining star and if you know her then you are one of the lucky ones.